Jeff Young InTheCut – Web Series Experiment

While I haven’t been on the writing tip over the month of August, I have been experimenting with another medium which is video. Oh, has it been a blast or what ! It’s something I always wanted to do and while I was waiting for friends to help or to clear their schedules, I was getting totally restless and feeling defeated.

Instead of allowing this to continue, I said I have to try this on my own !!! So I went out and did it. I rented some sound equipment of which I really had no idea how to perfect. I knew the names, but now I had 2 mics a mixer and all that going into my DSLR… Post produciton was hairy at times but I hope you will find some of the joy in these videos that I have had.

Here is a screenshot of the you tube page I am building.

Jeff Young InTheCut You Tube


Check out the links below and let me know what you think ! Cant wait to hear your comments !



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