Illustration Design. Visual Inspiration for your week. Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons is creating some awesome work. I love the vintag-y futuristic, textured feel with lots of strong lines and sharp edges. Beautiful focal points and well used space creates stunning imagery from nature to architecture.

Check out more of his work at


Check out those awkward feet ! and that little symbol of stairs in the right. Lots of little people creating movement in Flowing Generation


What a wonderful node to spacecraft and our mother earth full of bounty in Harvest !


a gorgeous office space that leaves no hint to the playful action in Sections of The Guide


Just the beginning of what is a wonderful look at Matts interpretations of movie title screens


A beautiful desktop wallpaper that Matthew did for Kitsune Noir


find more stunning imagery in his location work !

MatthewLyons_designInspiration_ ThinkAboutIT_itsJeffYoungBlog

Gorgeous cartoon feeling for his man ‘Thinking about it’ 

all photos courtesy of


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