Art and Design . Visual Inspiration for your week. Jazzberry Blue

It goes without saying that the quality of detail and overall commitment within this art work by  Jazzberry Blue leaves viewers in awe and perhaps gushing with wonder. The gorgeous maps below are highly representative of the exact area within these cities which you will immediately feel if you are familiar with these cities. Abstract yet concise, playful and orderly, contemporary with a touch of greatness is what comes to my mind. and Tingles ! Absolutely love these maps, they arouse adventure, discovery and spontaneity, that feeling of lets go now ! What do you think? I’m In AWE.

Below you will also find highly abstract art works and a selection from the travel section, all wonderful !

JazzberryBlue_BrooklynMap_DeisgnInspiration_itsJeffYoungBlog JazzberryBlue_MilanMap_DeisgnInspiration_itsJeffYoungBlogJazzberryBlue_LondonMap_DeisgnInspiration_itsJeffYoungBlog  JazzberryBlue_ParisMap_DeisgnInspiration_itsJeffYoungBlog JazzberryBlue_NewDelhiMap_DeisgnInspiration_itsJeffYoungBlog


Maps and all other art works are available for purchase by Jazzberry Blue on Society 6 and Etsy.











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