Paulie Gee’s. Neapolitan Pizza, Local . Greenpoint. #inthecut


Consider yourself lucky if you happen upon this jackpot without a line, which for many wanderers and explorers, is a sure fire signal to inquiry. ‘What are they waiting for ?’, would be the simplistic line in that trance like state.

If you do miss the line, the main point of attraction on Greenpoint Avenue hinting at this local pizza eatery, is going to be the Paulie Gee’s sign that looks more like that bump on your forehead after you smack it on your open cupboard. Reminiscent of an 70’s record shop in Venice or one of those cheesy vintage stores on Melrose.

Well, you got the cheesy part right.

Delicate traces of Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, Fresh Mozzarella, Gorgonzola or even a house made Cashew Ricotta enhance the wonderful flavors of spices, organic vegetables, including Brooklyn ‘rooftop’ Kale and basil. Italian or vegan sausage round out your savory taste buds while Mikes Hot Honey leaves an enticing spice drawing  you to the next bite.

Baked in a made to order Neapolitan wood fire oven, the thin pizza crust rising at the edges provides an luxurious home to your desired toppings. Never too heavy, unless you eat 3 of these 12″ personal pizzas, which when you arrive hungry, seems a possible task. Enjoy their craft beer selection on draft or grab a bottle, red and white wines round out an excellent menu.

Rustic wood interiors, with a repurposed tile ceiling and a charming bathtub surprise, once you settle in it will feel like home.

Paulie Gee’s
60 Greenpoint Ave.

Paulie Gee Greenpoint


PaulieGee'sPizza_Exterior_inthecutGreenpoint_itsJeffYoungBlog PaulieGee'sPizza_FriendsEating_inthecutGreenpoint_itsJeffYoungBlog

PaulieGee'sPizza_InteriorLarge_inthecutGreenpoint_itsJeffYoungBlog  PaulieGee'sPizza_PepperoniPizza_inthecutGreenpoint_itsJeffYoungBlog 

Photos courtesy of Google+ Page


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