Ovenly Bakery. That Savory Sweetness. Greenpoint. #inthecut


This charming Greenpoint local standard in a new wave of test food kitchens holds the fort in the baking category.  On the seasonal menu at the moment of the top rated salted chocolate chip cookies, date cocoa Montego Bay Bars, and a cheddar mustard scone. Snacks include almond corn and maple thyme pecans. So you get the idea. Sweet yes, great personality, but savory, takes you down the street.


Get started with an espresso, to enliven your senses, then, take your pick. Fresh offerings abound, while having your moment of taste appreciate the final details of decor. Small oriental floral tiles accentuate culture in the display, while the white tiled back wall takes you into the countryside. Have a seat at their cute, 2 seater wooden tables as you glance out the large wood trimmed windows onto Greenpoint Avenues, quieter side.

If you are visiting be sure to grab a small take away, you won’t get this tasty charm on an airplane.

Ovenly Bakery
31 Greenpoint Ave

Ovenly on Facebook



Photos courtesy of Ovenly Facebook Page


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