t.b.d. Brooklyn. Greenpoint. Cavernous Simplicity. #inthecut

What an enjoyable locale we have in ‘tbd’, Greenpoint. After many wonderful bars around Franklin St and Greenpoint Ave, tbd’s simply cavernous location is refreshing and exciting. Minimal decor and stunning cleanliness in what feels like an old car garage brings a sense of fresh ideas and open thinking. Not to mention comfy couches of the minimalist design and table tops to kick your feet up and watch the game or rest your drinks while noticing their welcoming postcards they want you to send out.


Inviting is the most simple of words to describe this airy comfort. Don’t be alarmed at the metal roll down cage and small entrance on Franklin Ave, walk in and the space will take your breath away. Cute pixelated art work hangs on the walls from your favorite 80’s Nintendo game and a couple crisp televisions round out the wall gear.

Outback you will find a huge beer garden stunning with wood benches, open seating, the most inviting mural perhaps in all Brooklyn and a barbecue well chef’d. You can’t even imagine the beauty that is cooked on their grill. Mobile photography shall never suffice, so get down their and hit up their menu. One of the most relaxing places in all of Brooklyn. Cheers to you #inthecut !

tbd Brooklyn
224 Franklin St.
x Green St.

tbd_barscene_inthecut_itsjeffyoungblog  tbd_inside_inthecut_itsjeffyoungblog

tbd_BeerGarden_inthecut_itsjeffyoungblog tbd_BeerGardenNight_inthecut_itsjeffyoungblog



Photography courtesy of tbd Facebook Page and Website.


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